Character creation challenge

Not bad, u-DNA. Did you come up with that all by yourself? Now, may we see a pic of Reese? :D

Here's my attempt:

Name: Brianna Fury (orig. Grendel)
Country of Origin: USA, family roots in the Nordic countries
Fighting Style: Kickboxing and immense strength
Age: Deceaced in the age of 27
Height: 165cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Ex-Interpol detective
Hobby: Bodybuilding
Likes: Bryan, darkness and sweat
Dislikes: Crowds, bright lights and cowardice

Do not read if you are reading / going to read my stoy "Path of Endurance"

"Brother's guardian"
Brianna was born ten years before her brother Bryan. Their mother died giving birth to him, their father sunk into alcoholism, so it was up to Brianna to put things back in order. To take care of the household, she quit school in the age of 13 and became soon a stealthy pickpocket and a thief. She was also introduced to Bruce Irvin by a mutual friend, and after hearing of her problems, Bruce offered to teach her kickboxing. After learning the basics, Brianna developed a style of her own that was very different to Bruce's.

Alcohol made their father act violently. Brianna did her best to keep his fists away from Bryan, only to get a strike from a half-empty beer bottle. The pieces of glass damaged her brain, altering her behavious radically. Brianna, who once had been shy, modest and kind, became rude, psychotic and violent in one night. She spared only Bryan from her hatred.

In the age of 17, Brianna stole her father's car and fled from their home with Bryan, after realizing the father had attempted killing them. Ending up in Detroit, they started a new life. Brianna taught Bryan her style of kickboxing and got an everyday job as a bike messenger, but after nearly gotten caught by the police for breaking into the Mishima Zaibatsu Detroit HQ, Interpol got interested in her skills and recruited her via Lei Wulong.

After busting a major drug ring, Brianna got a threatening message from them, saying she'd be killed soon. Not many days afterwards, the remaining hitmen of the ring broke into her apartment and slaughtered her in front of Bryan, who managed to escape in the nick of time.

Fourteen years later, Brianna felt a tickling sensation all over her body. The sensation became pain shortly, but that moment she realized she was alive again. She had been re-animated as a cyborg in a similar way as her brother had been, two years before her. She was ordered to go and assassinate her creator's two worst rivals, dr. Abel and dr. Boskonovitch, and to destroy whatever creations they might've come up with.


Brianna Fury
Brianna (25) and Bryan (15)
Brianna re-animated

You may read the full story of Bryan and Brianna from It's called "Path of Endurance". :)

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