The blood ring comics

UnknownDNA : Don't get me wrong here. As i said later on; "It's your story and hence your thoughts and ideas which rule and determines, and of course which makes it unique and exciting to read."
- Nothing but your ideas is relevant - else it wouldn't be your story, right?
Whee, forgot to add the "I agree"-part. :)
UnknownDNA : - As far as i've understood, Bryan do talk japanese and hence sould be able to understand them. (refeering to when Yoshi meets Bryan before the fight in Tekken 5: Story Mode, he replies when Yoshimitsu talks to him in japanese, does he not?)
On the contrary, I'd venture to say. When Yoshimitsu says (according to the subtitles,'); "Scoundrel! I've found you at last!" or something like that, he actually says something like; "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (to kick your ass, etc.)!" The subtitles hardly ever give the correct translation. I think Bryan kind of guessed what he was saying. But, recall, in Tekken 4 Jin and Hwoarang spoke English when speaking to each other, in Tekken 5 Hwoarang speaks Korean to Jin, and Jin speaks Japanese to Hwoarang. I prefer the idea that Bryan abso-posi-you betta believe it has no idea what Yoshimitsu actually said. (it also gives me free hands to make some comic relief in the story) :D
UnknownDNA :- Claiming that Bryan is similar to Yoshi would, in my opinion, be no diffrent from claiming day is similar to night. But of course, thats just my opinion.
Sorry, I refuse to return to this subject. I've argued about it enough.
The next update will arrive next Tuesday. I'll upload about four or five pages (I became creative! :)), where Bryan and Yoshi get "back to business", as they say. :D

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