The blood ring comics

UnknownDNA : I've saved all of the story to my hard drive. I'll, of course, delete it all if you're not happy about this. :)
No, I do not mind at all. :)
The story came from... well, actually, even though many disagree with me, I find the resemblance between Yoshimitsu and Bryan very fascinating (but I'll leave that to that, since I've been through this conversation already too many times...). In my eyes, they have many similar characteristics, such as their determination (different goals, though), mechanization/cyborgification (how is it written?) and the fact that, in to some extent, they're both nuts. Yoshimitsu, however, binds himself with the codes of conduct (something Bryan lifts his middle finger at). But more than anything else, I see them both as humans. That is why I try to point out the more "softer" side of Bryan and the more "aggressive" side of Yoshimitsu.

UnknownDNA : All though, there is some events, behaviors and actions which, in my opinion, resists the actual characteristics of the Tekken characters.
I would be interested in hearing out what actions do you mean. :)
What I like most about fanfiction and fancomics, that I have full control over what happens. It's like running your own little world, and when the page/chapter is done, you return back to reality and to math homework.