is there any tekken charactors u hate?

There are a good bunch of characters I don't like.


How about everyone except Bryan and Yoshimitsu? :blush

Well, no, more seriously speaking, there are characters that I keep wondering "What the heck is that kind of guy/gal doing in Tekken?" For example; Anna, Lili, Kuma/Panda, Roger/Alex and Ganryu. But those that really, REALLY make me bite my lip are Paul (with his stupid bulldozer), Law (never liked Bruce Lee much, anyway), Asuka (I see troubled teens enough during my day), Anna and Nina (boooo-riiiing and annoying.)

I don't like Lee much either. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the character itself, but his shrieks and screams... phew, not many of the female characters shriek that high, LOL. :D