Ninjitsu and other Martial arts

Ooo..I like dis topic.
I've did alot of resear on martial arts...all types including wrestling(if u wanna call dat a matrial art- but it is an art)
There is nothin wrong with Karate...modern karate(unlike tradiontal karate) is a mix of other styles.
Tae-Kwon-Do iz sooooo cool...but not for me entirely.
Jutkundo(did I spell that right-Bruce Lee's art) is off the is Akido.
But the most deadly art form known to man is Jujitsu...Jujitsu is an advanced form of Judo.
It's where Judo came from. The samurais started Jujitsu &, likr Judo, it's an art which specializes in bring ur opp. harm with little or no ease, using his mistakes & his own strenght & momentum to move, toss, injure him.
Now, there's wrestling, a very dedicated sport.
The fittest people in the world aren't gymnist...They're wrestlers.
It's very hard, time consuming thing to learn.
& Im talkin about modern wrestling(although tradition wrestling is still very demanding on the body)
If I had to choose one fighting style it would be Jujitsu.
But I've got a ryu(art) of my own. It's a mixture of Judo, Akido, wrestling & modern Karate.