PS3 & Tekken 6 discussion

What is the most important thing we know about PlayStation 3?
Answer: Tekken 6 will be released for it! :D

Nah, seriously speaking... I thought that we could collect here all the rumors/news/musings about PS3 here. Since I live here in-the-middle-of-nowhere, it's quite hard for me to keep tracking on stuff. My main questions are, 1) When PS3 will be released? 2) Will it support PSX and PS2 games? 3) When will T6 arrive? 4) What about T7? (just kiddin'!)

So far, I've head it'll be released "Spring 2006", and rumors have it that the worldwide release will be March 2006. And according to Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ken Kutaragi, PS3 has a support for PSX and PS2 games. What a relief... I was afraid I'd have to give up on Final Fantasy VIII already... :D

The price will be around $300 at release. Good grief! :cry

Still, does anyone have any news or rumors about Tekken 6? I'd be curious to know what's going on with the Namco guys, especially if I have to start saving money for a gatling gun (in plain english, should they kick Yoshi out of Tekken - which, at this point, seems very unlike). :D