soul calibur 3

Kirimitsu: Di, to unlock Yoshi, you do not specificly need to use Voldo or Kilik at all :) Beat him with any character in Tales of Souls mode to unlock him.
True :)

Kirimitsu: IMO, d/f+K is far and far worse than the SC2 rising knee, though indeed it's handy in 8wr. :) It used to be your key move to connect combo's.
I can't agree. His new WS K is awesome thanks to speed (one of the fastest WS K in the game if not he fastest one) and advantage on hit. It's also easier for me to buffer 33_99K than iWS K.

Kirimitsu: There was even the infamous infinite combo (7[d,b]+aaaa, k -7+a, k -7+a, k, etc).
Could You be more specific? I don't know what are You talking about:blush

Kirimitsu: But, there is no sense in complaining, is there :) I'll just have to learn to use this Yoshi ^_^
He's going to be great with his i<BT> and safe Seppuku, but not only8)