soul calibur 3

2B:A- The old Manji Fist is still in, but it's a little harder to do.
1A:A:A:A:A- the last hit gives GC, but it's still unsafe on block.
4A:A:A:A:A- The same.
FC 1K:K:K:K:K- This one is safe on block :yes
<SDGF>K:K- The harder version recovers 60 points and gives aGi against everything! o_O
Aris' movie:
Suicide JF is awesome! Another Aris' movie:

Tenshimitsu: From what I heard, the knee is better now: d/f,d/f+K. Easier to buffer than WS knee.
For me it's better to buffer something with 8WR than iWS :)

Tenshimitsu: Di is an expert of SC Yoshi
Przesadzasz :p Ty jeste&#347; du&#380;o wi&#281;kszym ekspertem w T5 i za to wielki pok&#322;on <hail>

Tenshimitsu: Yoshi will be powerful, but also a character that requires much skill.
100% true. No more easy wins. Train hard and get rewards.

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