Yoshimitsu Wish List

Make 4~3 hitbox more consistant. I encounter this situation far to often.. Yoshi goes under magic 4's (and other leg moves) only to change sides with my opponent making both whiff, even though I deserved to get my combo... 

Give yoshi soul calibur manji crave fist! :P

Add more range to d/b+2,2 series I rarely use it for fc mix ups due to the poor range even though it high crushes. 

I have a simliar problem with b+1,1 series. The string has very good properies, but i find it problematic to use it due lack range and speed. 

It's should have more range for it to travel fruther, or have it's speed buffed so that it's more useful up close. Either way it would be cool. 

Make qcb,f+2 breakable, it's unbreakable for dumb some reason. Image the mindgames between that and qcf+2 

Give yoshi a sick wall bounce move, so that his wall combo damage is improved overall.