Yoshimitsu Wish List

Good job on the ideas guys. None of them really sound unreaistic. Quite a lot of them I hope for myself. Clonimitsu throw, and maybe one or 2 new Clonimitsu moves would be amazing. I apologise in advance if I stack with any other existing thoughts and ideas. I'll try not to, and add a few bits. Although the following aren't my main hopes.

D/f2 should be a higher class launcher like it used to be in previous games. You used to be able to do things like df2, uf~n4. This would help make the max df2, ff4 combo less strict to time.

NSS KIN2 should either be safer, have different properties, or have an extention like in 1SS. As it stands it's near useless.

Transitions from IND should be less vulnerable to floats.

CD2 -13 would be nice.

Make uf3+4~ d1+2 a grounded reset again.

F3+4, FLE1+2, CD2 should work on axis, or it should be safer.

F3+4~b on successful power crush should grant a free BT punish or soooomething. Worst PC in the game.

NSSf3+4 should launch or be safer. Or make it safe and remove PC property.

BT1,2 should be an NC.

Make standing 4 faster. CH4,4 should grant CD2, S!

Give NSSd1+4 invulnerable frames.

UB1+2~1,1~ B hitting late in the animation should consistently grant CD2 float.

NSSub1+2~1+2 should not be launchable.

Make uf3 like it used to be. It hit deeper and crushed a bit better.

If I think of anything else I'll add. Just top of my head.