Yoshimitsu Matchup Punishment Guide

Oh yeah, instant while standing. Sure, I can put that in the legend for each doc.

Will take some time though, reformatting the stuff I already have. Definitely going for the 2 column solution for nss and 1ss.

Also. What makes more sense for sorting the columns?

Moves -- 1SS Punish -- NSS Punish -- Interrupt -- Conditions or

Moves -- Interrupt -- 1SS Punish -- NSS Punish -- Conditions ?

Added 1 day later:

Going back through current docs before moving on to new characters.

Adding Hit Level columns, NSS punish and 1SS punish. Also completing movelists, including moves that are not punishable for completeness sake.  Almost done with Gigas now. 

Phew. Long road ahead.

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