How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

For me, my relationship with Yoshimitsu goes waaaay back to the days of SC on the Dreamcast. Yup, I'm that old! I'm afraid I've never been much of a gamer myself, I'm hopeless under pressure, but I love watching others play. When I was about 16 years old I was hanging out with a friend from school who had got the console at launch. It came with a copy of Soul Calibur and I spent many summer afternoons in her games room watching her and her brother duke it out. Oh how we laughed at Yoshimitsu back then. He seemed so strange, bouncing around like a crazy man.

It was several years later. 2005 in fact, that I came by Yoshimitsu again. My boyfriend at the time was playing Tekken 5. I'd never actually seen any of the Tekken games before, so was surprised when the name Yoshimitsu suddenly popped up. I asked him if this was the same character that was in SC and he explained that the games were by the same developers. Maybe it was the nostalgia. 6 years seems like nothing to me now, but at that age, I felt like I'd had several lives since that first encounter with Yoshi. Whatever it was, I found myself intrigued by this mysterious masked character. I think the skull mask helped mind you; I have a strange 'thing' for zombies! As some of you already know, I have an imaginary world in my head. I started hanging out with Yoshi in that world and having various adventures. Then at around the same time, I found YOT and once I had found other people to share the obsession with, there was no going back.

Not a very interesting story, but true at least!

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