Greetings All

# Yoshimattsu :  Welcome, Cosmic! I see you all the time in twitch chat! Always good to have more folks around here, can't wait to get my hands on this game for myself. Feel free to add me on PSN or Steam and we can play when it finally drops! ID- Yoshimattsu  

Thanks and will do. I have PS4 XB1 and PC, so who knows, I may end up supporting the game 3 times and buying for all 3 systems.

# Grey :
Yeah I played him any chance I got to sit down at Evo. My pool was at 8am so I went straight to playing when I got there. I played T7 before but FR made these small changes so it felt a little off. I didn't do so well in the tournament overall haha. Got to play casuals afterwards though and that went a little better.

I didn't get to test thoroughly because there were so many people trying to play and it's not like my opponents were letting me test things freely. Learned a lot from playing though and I already have ideas to try when the game comes out.

Here's a
vid my friend took of me playing at the casuals after the tournament.

Nice video. I play a similar style, but I tend to take even more risks. I'd probably get 2-0'd against that Dragunov. Damn YOLO Rage Arts. That's something else I'll have to watch out for. And YOLO Akuma DPs.

Maybe next time you can have a friend or someone in collusion with to get in line behind you, so if you win the set, they can be next and you can practice stuff. No biggie either way, since by the next EVO, we'll all have the game!