Greetings All

# Grey : Yo wassup Cosmic. Welcome welcome.

T7 is a great time to be back. 2017 can't come fast enough now that we have this new Yoshi. I got to play Yoshi in Evo this year and I'm dying to test out so many things. I usually post most of my info on here as well as TZ. Hope Yoshi gets showcased and the fanbase grows for the better.

Hope to talk more Tekken with you. See ya around.

Thanks! Nice to meet ya.

Wow, you got to play him huh? Did you get to test anything? Was there decent time before pools for casuals?

# A.K Fan1234 : Well better late than never right, hopefully there will be more around here when T7FR is upon our mortals  but I have a strong feeling that it will happen.  Damn you're truely old school very interesting and cool 

I'd love to see how you play the newer Tekkens and Yoshi for that matter,  is there any footage out of your playing somewhere, and would you perhaps be willing to have a few match with a decent scurb like me once xD 

Hey! Thanks.

And I wish there was footage, but the only thing I have was some simple combo videos I had posted on youtube awhile back of f+3+4 sandwich combos I found. Actual gameplay from TTT2? Nada I'm afraid. There was some records of me playing back in the T4 days, by a friend of mine who went around with a video recorder capturing tournaments and stuff. But I'm afraid that's mostly just video of me flicking him off and telling him not to bother me while I'm playing, LOL.

Research EDIT -- I found a stream from my channel archived from awhile back. Feel free to watch the whole thing, but I get warmed up around the timestamp here:
(Warning, the rest of my videos on my channel are ones of me and buddies in various games, let's just say, adult language warning )

As for my playstyle, it's a little between JFJ (shenanigans and more movelist) and Bronson (NSS strict and safe). I tend to get blown up a lot due to taking risks. And a lot more scrubby in both!

# Tenshimitsu : Welcome back Cosmic Forge!

I'm so glad so many people are coming back, I hope the Manji clan will grow very strong :)

Tekken 7 seems so far like a very good game that we will all enjoy :) I'll make sure to renew this website as well as I can, preparing for a flood of strategies that we're going to post! :)

Thanks again! I'll be here with the rest of you guys for sure.

And let's not forget as well... I will always treasure TZ, but I support these guys too and their more modern approach. The more exposure the game gets, the better.

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