Greetings All

Long time, no sign up.

My bad on that one. I remember when this site when up years ago and was invited to join... only to put it off and procrastinate for a decade. Ouch.

So... I pretty much skipped Tekken and fighting games altogether for about 8 years (end of T4 era all the way to TTT2). Tag 2 brought me back, but just casually. I had hoped to reunite with old friends from around my local area, but I guess they all "grew up" (that's hella overrated, btw).

The excitement is back for Tekken 7 FR though! I plan on going to Wizard World Austin this year (9/23/16) and possibly Tulsa (Oct). After that, I'm gonna be all over console T7FR! I can't wait to see what Yoshi has to offer in this game.

Anyways. Hope you guys are as ready and hype for this new installment as I am. When the game comes out for us mortals, I will be sharing my findings here as well as on TZ and TG.

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