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# A.K Fan1234 : Alrighty I've done some couple of hours with online ranked, but not solo this time. It turns out that, I am not able to play yoshi solo yet ,since can't get enough damage to carry me to victory, and nor is defense solid enough to allow me to over come the pressure. I can't really pressure someone with yoshi sadly, I learnt that the hard way against a good nina player 3 times perfect (that hurt *_*)  so having Armor king around allows me to work weakness since I can't substitute those things with skills XD
I can concur that Yoshi isn't a strong solo character. He doesn't deal a lot of damage by himself and it's hard to maintain the mix-up pressure when your opponent gets a chance to switch characters. He has many options as a partner though so it's much better to take advantage of that rather than going solo.

Good to hear you're having fun playing online. I've stopped playing online for a few months now and I've only been playing offline with friends now and then. I recently gotten a PS4 and am currently mostly playing Dragon Quest Heroes. I've mostly been watching Tekken 7 vids than playing nowadays but I've been following Tekken news closely as always.

Also, I very much miss the shoutbox. Shout outs to Boss Tenshi at the EU Tekken 7 qualifier. Grats to Tissuemon who is a player I've always liked seeing since DR. Everyone playing was noticeably unfamiliar with T7 but everyone also looked like they were into the game. A shame she didn't get that far but good job nonetheless 

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