How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

I decided to add my own story here, albeit a condensed version. >:]

Ten years ago when I was fifteen, my twin brother received SCII for his life-day at the end of October. We had wanted this game because Link from The Legend of Zelda was a guest character, and because I also liked Talim's look in a Shounen Jump magazine. ^.^ So, probably not surprising to anyone, but Yoshimitsu quickly became my favourite character right away, and I enjoyed playing as 'the clown' {as I affectionately called Yoshi-san} after I tried him out the same year at Christmas. I was sick with a cold, so I missed the tree lighting ceremony downtown. Instead, I played Team Battle in SCII, as the three characters voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama; Link, Nightmare/Siegfried, and - you guessed it - Yoshi-san! ^-^

I adored Yoshi-san, and thought of him as a sort of father figure, which earned me the nickname of 'Sha-mitsu', and was carried over into my stories where she's his young apprentice. This was in 2009 that I started writing my stories, right after we had gotten Tekken 5 in late 2008. My obsession with Yoshi-san led to my brothers and I joking that Sha-mitsu's 'true love' was Yoshimitsu, although she had a fair share of bad luck with guys in my stories. I never did pair her off with anybody, as my small audience of readers - being my brothers and friends - all had a different pairing they wanted for my OC, thus why I always left it up to speculations, instead. I didn't mind so much, as I don't care for writing romance.

But I never thought much of Yoshimitsu in a romantic way, til I had posted a painting of Sha-mitsu seemingly kissing Yoshi-san farewell {although it was an AU version in Tekken, as I had used a certain image of a samurai with similar hat and lady for inspiration}, which is when others commented on the romantic possibility of the two characters, and I think everyone here had actually taken the artwork to be a serious part of my story, when, in fact, it was really done as a light-hearted joke. :p

So, in other words, I didn't get a crush on Yoshi-san til after being a member here, hehehe ^.^ The reason my brothers and I had joked about Sha-mitsu and Yosimitsu as being secretly in love, was because Sha-mitsu's close friend was Setsuka, as I decided to have Sha-mitsu be the girl from Setsuka and Mitsurugi's SCIII endings, just to give her a bit more backstory and tie-in to the series. Setsuka is a woman who is looking for revenge on Mitsurugi, who was the cause of her own father figure and master's death; Setsuka was in love with this man, so in a way, it was similar to Sha-mitsu's relationship to Yoshi-san, thus the jokes. :p

Sometimes I'm sorry I never did publish my Manjitou stories, but on the other hand, there's so many stories in that series that I could carry it over into an original series one day. To this day, Yoshi-san continues to inspire me, in writing, art, and everyday activities! ^.^ This messageboard carries some of my fonder memories in my teens, as Yoshi-san and YOTians helped me forget about the troubles of life. I had become so attached to Yoshi-san, that I remember being in my Mom's garden at the time, feeling sad, when a dragonfly came over to hover around me, as if to comfort me! I thought of the dragonfly as Yoshimitsu {a strange concept, I know}, and after relating this incident to my Mom and brothers, my Mother bought me a dragonfly decoration to keep always. I have my own little Yoshimitsu dragonfly hanging up on my bedroom wall right now! ^.^

P.s. I realised this turned out a bit more than condensed! There's so much more I could go on about, after all I quite literally wrote novels about Yoshi-san and the Manjitou. Oh dear, well, my apologies, hehehe~ :3 

Edit: My obsession with dragonflies associated with Yoshi-san expanded to an obsession with octopuses! Now I see those beauties everywhere, too! n_n ❤ ~which is awesome since I always felt an immense strong connection with the ocean ever since I was a wee one. ❤

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