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Alright I'm trying to play solo yoshi online for awhile now seeing how it goes. So far it's pretty nice, I feel that I can be pretty creative while only focusing on one character at the time, because sometimes I'll even do some moves in a panic situation that yoshi doesn't have like a basic down jab.... I really need adjustment time for being well and prepared for another play style.

People rarely don't know yoshi that well, so when you play against others I'm mostly getting pressure with b+1,1. u/f3+4, u+3+4. d+2,2,d+1 mix it up with a different timing and rainbow drop and door knocker. 

When people start understanding that those moves are + on block then it gets interesting..Will they down jab, ss or do nothing, I like throwing unblockables after them XD 
Funny stuff inclues 
When I meet a character mishima, I do bad breath stance just for letting them know that I know, I can duck their ewgfs! hei now does f,f+2 instead yee..... (Thanks for demo boss) 

Spin out of the way on tag it and whiff punishing with f,n,d,d/f+1. Tag crashing into flash sometimes they stop doing anything, so I'll have to come up with something cheap and stupid XD 

Indian stance is the best tool for checking the mentalty of your opponent. Do it (Shia labeouf) from middle to long range and begin to stall with teleportning back and do 3 when your opponent is starting to run (people will do so even with full health!). 

Suicide stuff 
ws+2, d+1+4. f,f+1+2 d+1+4 works pretty often ^^ 

I'll update this later.....

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