How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

It's a pretty simple reason but back in Tekken 3 he had a sword and he seemed so cool to play when I was a kid. I only picked him up in 3 though since my first Tekken was Tekken 2 and Angel and white Kuma weren't there which were the characters I used then. I skipped Tekken Tag and I didn't play much of 4 but I started playing seriously when Tekken 5 where I fully mained Yoshi. I loved the overall look, story and design and practically became a devout follower ever since.

Nowadays, I've grown to share a lot of philosophies with Yoshi: Honor, Peace, Wisdom, Strength and many other attributes his character teaches. I learned all these from many other sources but Yoshi is a notable cornerstone in my development. I've learned a lot from his character and there's definitely a lot more to learn. His philosophy is very archaic in this day and age but I find that following it seems to be the most fulfilling way to live my life.