How did you come to love/find Yoshimitsu?

My first encounter with the yoshimitsu was back in tekken 3, when I was 5 years old. He wasn't my first pick, that was infact King,due to his Jaguar mask. I was very much into big cats at the time (and still is btw) 

I can't recall why I was drawn to yoshi back then. It's not a strait forward as there was a single pinpointing factor in it, like with I can say with King, I guess there's was just many layers to it that a kid can't describe (or remember XD) It's kinda funny because his without a doubt the character i've played the most, due to the 
fact his always there, even A.K weren't. 

My liking for Yoshimitsu has properly been spawned by Tekken Zaibatsu, Jun Shrine and pretty obvoiusly this place with all it's highly passionate and very ambitous fan content. Koga's old comics, fan art and all of great fanfictions. Watching through that really helped to make me fan ^^ 

My love of yoshi is make now is more of all the good things that I've associate him with everything with. I'll enter some keywords that comes to mind with thinking about yoshi

Good people over the enterwebs, honor and compassion, dedication, adaptability to a changing times, warrior, over coming struggles, growth, martial arts, learning, inspriation, superheros, doing what must be done, unique, outsider, speed, quickness, fighting the bad within you, a leader, teacher and a friend, being the better person, by any means necessary, abstact thinking, fighting against the odds, the reminder that being different is not a bad thing. 

Those are just a few exsamples