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Yea I have heard that they had a Tekken scene on Philippines, that makes total sense thinking about Filthierich.  Hey aleast you know what to work on and having fun doing so, that's a good start =)  sure we might lose once in awhile but with Tekken it's about noticing padderns and abusing them to max. I could imgaine that it would be highly difficult adapting to new scene, with there own established little costum details that goes around in there group of players (If you know what I mean) I can tell that next time you could and would do better with that knowledge in mind 

Ofcause there are way more soild players out there than us, it would be strange if there weren't, but sometimes there are cases where that's thrown strait out the window (not thinking about botton mashing lol) All the knowledge and execution wouldn't give you the victory, it sure helps and is a big part of what makes Tekken, Tekken, but when It not enough, it's up to the player with his or her mind, tacitics and player knowledge..

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