Suggestions for the YOT site

Thank you for all your suggestions :)

I don't think the community flavour will survive - the mark of the times are social websites which are more engaging than any other websites. I don't think I have enough strength, time and resourcesto transform YOT into community website.

I rather thought it might evolve into a blog that would be written by a couple of redactors. Hmm...

@Demonitzu - good ideas, indeed I was thinking about this one :)

But my plans might as well change after I've recently heard from Mr Harada that I should "shut up" on Twitter, lol ;) He said he is going to remove Yoshimitsu and I didn't notice it was a sarcasm ;) It was quite disheartening to say the least ^_^

I had in plans to create another Tekken website (, but to hell with that!
I will focus on the Manjikai. This is my home.