Tekken Revolution

I picked up Jack concidering my other characters need to be unlocked and he's always interested me and I must say that I'm having an absolute blast with Tekken Revolution. I'm atm 19th Dan: Savior - 羅将 and still trying to unlock Miguel, Kuma or Kunimitsu with 110 wins or something...

The reversals aren't really that good imo, the risk reward just isn't in it for me.
The invincible reversal moves have 4-5 frame startup or something before the actual invincible frames kick in. It's easily baitable and thus can't be mashed in tight blockstrings.
It's - a million on block so any generic fast launcher can easily punish it, or you can do your dirtiest command throw.
The damage you do as a punish is worth 5 times more than the risk of throwing one out yourself, you get good positioning, wall carry and obviously okizemi.

I enjoy the spammers, I never realised how much I got hit against 10 hit combo strings in the beginning. The player base also really improved my throw teching game, my parries and side stepping, so I welcome the 'scrubs' that come with this game. Now that I'm Savior rank, I'm getting a lot more interesting fights, a lot of people just sidestepping and backdash fishing for a launcher, but still fun.

I absolutely adore Jack's superior range, damage and great throw game, but it can be a bit annoying when I realise I don't have any good low crush or high crushing moves, though :p