Tekken Revolution

Can't believe I'm saying this but I actually prefer Kuni than Yoshi in TR. Yoshi is definitely a more advanced character whereas Kuni is more about fundamentals. I mean TR is suppose to be like a freshmen course and Yoshi isn't exactly an easy character to pick up. Then again they added Hwoarang which is a pretty advanced character too. I would still love Yoshi to be in this game but he's not the best character to teach beginners basics.

Just a thought but I kinda wished they put the new characters in the game instead of the older characters. Instead of Jack 6, Asuka, Lili, Marshall, Xiaoyu, Devil Jin, etc. they should have put P-Jack, Jun, Sebastian, Forest, Angel, Ogre, Miharu, Alex and Tiger in the game. It would probably give the game a different feel rather than a knock off of TTT2.