Suggestions for the YOT site

 The site's fine in my eyes, in the way that it's a very resourceful site for everything related to Yoshimitsu. For the sake of feedback/suggestions, here are a few things:

Customizability - If possible, give more customizability for the user, maybe being able to choose through different themes, dark theme, bright theme, summer theme, yoshimitsu theme, sc, tekken, etc.

Home page - From experience, I find myself just checking the forums, I don't think I've ever checked other parts of the site for a good few months. Maybe try to help these stand out more, from our fan made stories to the fan art

Communication - It's not as much as we'd like it now, but once our loyal fanbase grows larger, I think we'll need a better chat, for the sites I make the chats are the main form of connection, with a forum being the main form of discussion

Interactivity - I think what not only draws in people, but keeps people on something is interaction, so to not only receive more members but to have them stay, we need to have something for them to actively do. We need to change into a nice, close community. Something nice would be a weekly game day where everyone on whatever console gets together on that night (with time zones in mind)

That's all for now, and that's just my opinion anyways