Tekken Revolution

I tried some days ago with a buddy and for a free game and I figured that it would be worth a shot. I was kinda stuned playing against humans because the skill gap was massive as texas. At One time you would meet Lili mashers and the next would be Hwoarang players that threw out just frame spy rockets and made you whiff all your attacks, only to find kasuya players that spamed lazers afterwards  

I knew its online but that change ridiciuloous and really messed me up for first couple of matches.  

There was some that I disliked and one of them was the very limited practice mode,the seemingly abussive crush it all moves(I haven't play it much btw so yea)  ,there was a few improvements like the new backwalking animations which where pretty cool to see. I don't know how I feel about the lacking bound system, or why its removed in the first place,it doesn't feel like DR because its to slow due to its T6 speed, but its it's not really T6 without bound either thanks to the level up system and the crush everying moves, so yea it's own thing I guess  

I think will get it Tekken Revolution just because its tekken mainly and for the support. 

On a funny side note, Isn't weird how Kunimitsu is in there before Yoshi, I mean would how have thought that before in 2011 even   

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