Improvements For The Next Tekken

 I find it interesting that some of your friends consider Tekken to be more complex than some of the 2D fighters out there, because I feel the exact opposite! :P  I think there's something rather intuitive about Tekken's "left punch, right punch" style of fighting, as opposed to the "strong punch, weak punch" style of other fighters.  It just makes more sense to me.

Actually, I find SF to be much harder to play than Tekken! :P

(Oh, BTW, I moved this thread into the Manji section instead.  On other Tekken-themed forums I go to, it's always been that the General Section is for talking about things like books and movies and pop culture, while the other "main" section is for the more general Tekken things.  If I'm wrong, Boss, just let me know and I'll move it back! :D )