Xbox One or Play Station 4?

Hey guys, I was watching the revalation of the Xbox One on a live stream and I must say, I'm not that impressed. They coupled it with a Kinect sensor which watches you while you sleep and offers alot of Tv-like cable television entertainment. Microsoft in my opinion has strayed from improving and designing better graphics and improve video gaming. they took about 5 minutes or less, talking about Video Games and Graphics, and the rest of the session was about its ability to use netflix, the kinect sensor, and "xbox off, xbox on" and other useless voice commands. If you want to play used games, you'll have to pay extra, and theyre extremely tight-lipped on whether or not the Xbox One will be able to play Xbox 360 games. So in short, the xbox one is a useless "big belly" VCR and Cable Box all in one.<-My opion.
So my question to all my manji artists! What are your thoughts on the xbox one? Which one will you be getting XboxOne or PlayStation 4? I'm getting the PS4 simply because its better, its free online gaming and it has a much better controller and also most of you are on the playstation side anyways so now i can link up with you guys and have a blast with the manji clan. ^_^

The Dragon.