Destroy the poster above

Yawns as asa destroys the girl panda. "okay tha was weird..." sighs and takes out indestructible boken. He smiles and flies towards the unknowing asa and wakes her over the head, then smacks her all across her body making all of her bones shatter. Which in fact makes her a tub of "GOO" He laughs maniacally and takes asa's jello like body and calls bill cosby. He invites him over and tells him about the jello he had made. bill cosby takes a bite and giggles supremely. He takes asa jello and does a commercial where thousands of bill cosby's take a bath in the jello. finally burning the asa jello in a ritualistic tiki fire dance. they eat marshmellows around the burning jello ass of asa jello and smile delightfully at the acomplishment of being paid to help destroy the evidence for panda.

(oh yes please lay off the sleeping with an animal deal, that is nasty and crude.)