Destroy the poster above

Stares at Panda-chan dumfounded. Gets pissed off at his constant giggling and punches Panda-chan in a furious series of hostile assault. Hypnotizes Panda-chan into confessing to the priest that he slept with his dog. Priest looks calm at first then gets a demonic look on his face. "You made out with Scooter?! You will BURN for this!!!" The priest takes out a Gillus magnum. (Western pistol) Shoots Panda-chan's head into a million pieces while dozens of hostile nuns spit and whack Panda-chan over the head with lead rulers. (Really Heavy) Asa takes a church candle, nails Panda-chan on a cross and sets him on fire. Dumps his body on the driveway where she runs his cute, little, motionless body over and over with her sweet, chrome black, BMW hoodless convertable. Karada o kuneraseru, itsuka shinu koto ni natte iru!!!