Yoshimitsu in SFxT!

There's a well-known player named Spab_rog who was given a chance to play the latest build of SFxT.  He wrote a rather informative review on the game in terms of mechanics, and he even wrote some reviews of a handful of characters.  Here's what he had to say about Yoshimitsu:

"Yoshimitsu - My main..sigh, hes funky lol. Normals are slow and seem like you are at disadvantage, alot of his specials are unsafe except stone fists (low sword spin) if you space it out right, but hes very unique, windmill is charge cancellable, But he has safe cancels and his super is pretty good. windmill trip guards, but doesnt anti air that good. EX windmill is pretty good, does good damage and easy to hit confirm into. He's just slow and his throw range sucks sooo bad, but thats just the game mechanic. He has good team synergy though. Ill be nice and give him a 5/10. he's gonna have to take a while to master, he's not someone your gonna win with day 1."

It sounds like Yoshimitsu is going to be on the lower end of the tier spectrum (again), which is kinda disappointing.  But I'm still going to main him in SFxT, and I think that has at least something to say about my love for him. :)