Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

 Yeah, thanks for fixing it. :)

More classical music...  It was probably Top of the pops in 1736. ;)
It's about two men; a Frenchman and a Spaniard fighting for the love of a Native American girl who isn't interested. 

When I listen to it I see victorians dancing... Something a bit more stern and passionate than the waltz!  These vitorians are repressed ya know, and are in serious need of an outlet!!! ...loool...  Maybe victorians doing the tango?  Now that would be something!! Haha :DD

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Rameau, Rondeau des Indes Galantes - Les Sauvages

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Little houses, little boxes all ticky tacky just the same!  But I wanna live in a triangle or a sphere!   Who wants to be just the same? Like it or not, we are. ;)

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