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A popular choice in Melbourne, particularly for rocking the Tekken 3 gear. Yoshimitsu proved to be the surprise packet of the weekend for one glaring reason; Windmill is incredible. Making up for Yoshimitsu’s poor mobility in spades, Windmill is used to bring the enemy to Yoshimitsu instead of the other way around, having the same suction properties as Seth’s Tanden Engine or Rufus’ EX Galactic Tornado. This effect doesn’t quite reach full screen, but does have considerable real estate. On top of that, the move does unbelievable damage, hitting about as hard as a SPD from Zangief or Hugo. The downside is it’s very unsafe on recovery, putting Yoshi at a frame disadvantage, possibly even on hit. It’s also vulnerable to fireballs, making it a fairly committal option. Combine Windmill with Yoshimitsu’s teleports, a hitbox on his Gehosen anti-air wider than it is tall and good range on his normals in general, and the Tekken staple becomes a deceptively mobile character.

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