Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

Opeth - windowpane

I truly came to love this band with time even though I didn't enjoyed my first encounter with it.

Some years ago where I heard there older black metalish songs with raw vocals and there long complex songs, I was very annoyed by there mystic, strange atmosphere but loudness that I wasn't familiar to me at the time and quickly labeled them... No not another crazy extreme metal band like so many out there.

but after some few listens to more hardcore metal or "Heavier" metal , I became more used to the roughness that the band had, I began to enjoy this weird being of a band called Opeth, I still didn't like there singer when he growled A.K.A giving an impression of Christian bales Batman voice but when they didn't and had there guitar solos both electric and acoustic along with there awesome singer when he was wasn't growling, you would think that the guy finally found a glass of water and some lozenge while he was at it because, what a clear angel like voice that guy had, you would start wondering if he got a split personally cause that's not standard.

All jokes aside.... this is a very underestimated band for good or worse because underneath this "evil" sound you will find a very mature band how got a diverse style with blues, progressive rock, folk rock and small hints of jazz in there melting pot sound. and even though that would might sound very disturbing to listen I can assure they can be quite catchy if you are into that kind of music but please check this unique band out.

I have picked this one out because Its not a loud song at all but it would be a good place to start so you don't get scared away from them like I did in the beginning so enjoy :)