Yoshimitsu in SFxT!

New videos posted with Yoshi gameplay:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4pqCG4ts2Q& and

Confirmed new moves:
- Poison breath (comes out instantly, without going to bad stomach first)
- Tag on/off involves Dragonfly stance fly-in. Can perform with Hidden God throw on tag-in (unsure of mechanics).
- Kangaroo kick (his command launcher, since all characters now have a launcher)
- Ninja blade slice (his f,f+2 -- is a charge-up move, can be charged up to super. Unblockable?)
- "Super" Sword poke windmill (super combo, has same vacuum property as regular, and, like regular, can be blocked)

Also confirmed is that Slap U Silly will dizzy after too many hits. Spun too fast for me to count, but it seemed like about seven or eight sound effects. Doesn't seem like it affects the EX version, though.

Will continue to update as new videos are posted. Please comment with corrections/additions. []

Added 16 minutes later:

@AngelBoy Thanks for the links! Saw the following in the gameplay clip:

- Possible to tag out during animation of Sword Poke Windmill, while opponent is stuck in block animation. Good setup opportunity.

- Poison Wind -> Stone Fists -> Poison Wind combo possible, so he seems to have most of his options from Poison Wind intact.


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