YOT Awards - sign up thread

Hi everybody, TheFumaken here.

1) I’m entering my fan art. Here’s the link: http://www.manjikai.com/plug.php?e=usergal&s=viewfol&fl=0&fid=116
I thought it would be cool if Yoshimitsu would forgive Kunimitsu, so that she can take an active part in the story once more. I kept Yoshimitsu in the middle though, cause he’s what this contest is all about.

2) I watched my brother playing Tekken 3 when I was young. It was the first Tekken game I ever witnessed. He always chose Bryan as a fighter, but once in a while, I saw this really odd fighter passing by in the Arcade Mode. The sword was the first thing I looked for, with which he could perform awesome attacks. His unusual moves and the deep concentration he's in during fights were the other things that attracted me to him.
The first Tekken game I played was Tekken 4. A great game, mainly because of the prologues they added. The first character I chose to play the story with was Yoshimitsu. The prologue showed me THE picture that has characterized Yoshimitsu for me forever (my avatar). He wasn’t the crazy space dude I didn’t know anything about from Tekken 3. He was pictured as a responsible leader, who was doing everything he could, to protect the refugees from all around the world. He was such a beautiful character, and on top of that a great fighter, which I’ve came to realize over the past 10 years playing Tekken.

3) I don’t really know why I should win the contest. I tried my best to make some cool Yoshimitsu fan art. If someone else should win it, I’d be happy for him/her. It's like playing Tekken 6 on line, I don’t mind losing, as long as I’ve put up a good fight myself =)

4) I would like to participate in the Best Fan Artist category.