YOT Awards - sign up thread

Luminoseti here, wishing to take part in the contest

So, lets get started
1)Here's the picture http://www.manjikai.com/plug.php?e=usergal&s=viewfol&fl=0&fid=112

2)I love characters that are inspired by Japanese mythology. Yoshi takes it a bit futher by bringing in eccentric character traits and being really cool at the same time. Especially in Soul Calibur games he literally is the star of the show. He's move set is also great and he has a lot of nice, easy to pull off moves. Thats what I really like about him :)

3)Why should I win? I'm no better than anyone else here, we are all humans after all. It would be absurd for me to assume that. Of course winning would be nice, I have never won a contest in my life but winning can never be quaranteed. So I'll just end this by saying "let the best man win".

4)I would like to participate in the category Best fan artist