Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

Well I play basketbal and I can say for sure, that method of working half the time and visualising half the time doesnt work on me =p I perform much better on my matches if Ive been training the whole week. Its by training every day that I maintain my good shot accuracy, but hey thats just me ^^ btw sorry for my messy post im on a iphone and have no good view of what im typping

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Hey, I got a question. How do you beat nina ??? I was playing against this PRO nina, and yeah I believe he was a pro cause I couldn't add him his list was full, and others said he was pro. But anyway I was only able to beat this dude with luck, random shoulder attack (I use paul) and random scissor kick.
Nina is too fast for my eyes, and she can cancel her moves which makes it harder to tell what she is going to do. She has a great wall carry so It's hard to keep a distance cause I end up against the wall or the corner after every launcher or stun. After some matches I was able to predict ninas moves a little and counter it with b+2+4 but she is still sooo fucking fast and hard for me :p all her moves look alike to me XD
Some tips could help :p

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