As I get older, I find it harder and harder to truly distinguish the difference between dreams and nightmares. It was easy when I was a kid. If I had a dream that was scary, with witches or monsters, then it was a nightmare. But now that I'm an adult, my dreams are all complex. There may be something going on in them that's suppose to be scary, but I never feel it. And sometimes things are just really bizarre- neither scary nor comforting, but just weird.

Like, the other day, I had a dream that I was a part of a group of soldiers who were sent to an island to figure out what happened to all the inhabitants. It turns out they all died from a highly contagious virus of some sort. It was like Ebola Zaire or something. :P Anyway, I remember talking to this woman and she suddenly started backing away from me and her face went white with fear. I kind of looked at her and realized that something was wrong, so I sighed and asked, "... I'm dying, aren't I?" She sort of smiled sadly and nodded, and that's when I looked down at my arms. They were purple and swollen, and I could feel it spreading down my chest. I was bleeding out underneath my skin. :(

She then said, "I heard it feels cold. Does it?" and I suddenly felt like my arms were made of ice, so I replied with, "Yeah! It's really cold!" Then things suddenly turned hostile. She became really angry and said, "Close your f****** eyes; you're freaking me out!" I guess blood was coming out of my eyes, so I closed them tightly and kind of curled up on the ground. I honestly felt like I was dying, and all I could think of was how I wanted to see my loved ones one last time.

And then I woke up, took a deep breath of air, and I was alive. :D