Pet Names - Tell Us About Your Nickname

Ah okay, I'll join in. Although I AM pretty sure I've explained mine somewhere on this forum. So why Jembru? It is the first 3 letters of my first name followed by the first 3 letters of my family name. This was everyone's username given to them when I was in college. Some of the names didn't flow from the tongue, like a friend of mine who was 'tramcv', but for some of us, like Jembru and Sarpen, the names stuck and became our nicknames. Sarpen's was so 'sticky' that we NEVER call her by her real name, Sarah, even all these years later. I still get Jembru but I at least also get called by my real name, Jemma. Although I really like the name Jembru for some reason. It is the name I give to my cheeky, playful, clownish side. Yes, believe it or not I am not always like that ^^ I can be pretty deep and spiritual too when no one's watching ;)

Oh as a kid, my parents called me 'German'. I know this sounds insane considering my recent brush with that country and language, but honestly this was (and sometimes still is) what my immediate family called me. It actually has nothing at all to do with the country, nationality or language and is just a play on words, but that's another story because this is, as always, getting typically Jembru-length.