Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

OK now this is irritating, out of all the jin's I've faced i haven't defeated a single one. going to practice menu doesn't work because the people online mix up the combos so they're not doing the same thing over n over, so i cant anticipate anything, and the other thing i realize is this, even if i keep my distance, I'll be out of range. and the minimum distance i can keep is also jin's minimum distance..... we should all sit down one day and have a yoshi revolution, where people would be playing online and every yoshi they meet they get their ass seriously kicked. y'all wanna join in??? and... maybe whats messing me up right now is the fact i just learned that my master is female, this is unseen in the shaolin temple, but its mightily refreshing! ;) and sexy. :)) here's another fun thing for us to ponder, yoshi's dialogue translation. sounded like he said "hisaki shoku sotsu" , "ji wai ji sun!!" my japanese is rusty....
we' should all aim to make our enimies "non yoshi players" chance of winning against our yoshi VOID! FUTILE! IMPOSSIBLE! BAKKANA [as the japanese would say]

ALL is VOID people! ALL is Void!

Added 3 hours 22 minutes later:

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I got promoted to BRAWLER!!!!!! >:) >:) >:) >:) >:) :O :O >:) >:) You people here are a blessing, i ripped their guts out B)

Added 2 days later:

I'm now a marauder, hey, how come the site suddenly gone dead?

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