Tired of Getting My Ass Kicked

What threadjack, Junon, your tips will help other players improve very much. :)

Just as I said, I won 2nd place in that tournament mostly due to unpredictable timing, you'll see me pause in most suprising moments. The rest was decent at most. My style right now is a bit different but still pretty cautious. My opponents don't allow me to go wild as much as in tekken 5.0/DR times. :)

My Tekken 5.0 match is on my youtube channel:

As you see, I used to play more shenanigans. ^^

YoshiDivine... khem,khem. I'm a girl :) Yeah I know, unusual. :P (and no, don't call me god, it's too much ^^ I just happen to be a long-time, experienced Yoshi fan and Yoshi player)

Added 4 minutes later:

@YoshiDivine, with Jin you probably meant 2,1,4 mixed with 2,1,4~4. It's actually easy to spot the difference, launch defensive mode on PS3, put these 2 series on the list and practice a bit: after 5-10 minutes you're done with that lol-mixup. :)

Just first block mid, and if mid kick doesn't connect on block, then switch to low block. Don't forget to launch Jin's ass on low block :) (u/f+3)

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@Jem - thank you for your kind words. I'm gathering myself to put some bits of info in the YOT online FAQ... but my uncomfortable perfectionism says "no, if you want to do it, do it right, with some youtube movies and so on..."

... and it ends that I don't do anything. But it will eventually end. :)

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