Request for a second chance.

Thank you very much girls and boys :) That realy help me to fill my 'minuses'.
I try draft a design of my costume..
..and one more...
I am thinking about.. In TEKKEN-6, you can see, he has some shining part of his head in his '1st player' costume..
I was thinking about, white balaclava and on this balaclava some construction.. a LED lights on this balaclava, like in TEKKEN-6. And u can turn this LED lights ON and OFF.The cabel and the switch is going trough the sleeve..
When u see some photos, I can try to do my best :)


Added 58 minutes later:

Here u can see my costume sketches, sorry for the bad quality, I was doing that pictures with my Web-Cam. The head is not ready yet... If u have some questions, please ask ,u can se under the vest :P

Added 1 hour 7 minutes later:

And the torso is not ready... where the belly is ,there has to be something...

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