I had a dream about my deceased great grandmother. We were at hers and grandads house and their daughter (my nan) was taking over! Changing everything... Me and great nan were escaping with someone else (a cat maybe?) we got to the end of the garden and jumped over the fence. I was gonna help her, but she was already there. I really dunno how she managed it. There was a deserted church ahead of us. The beams of the tower were all rotten and falling in on themselves.. Nan loved this place and wanted to go there. So I turned her into a dove so she could go, but she told me she couldn't fly. Then "abracadabra" I turned her into a kitten and that's all i can remember. Next thing I know she is gone. I search for her.... The trees in her garden have been cut down into bare stumps and used as clothes hauls. I see my great granddad digging. I'm not sure if i was trying to avoid him, but he saw me took his spade and we walked through a massive garden center like greenhouse. This was a massive detour back to the house!!! I'm still concerned for my nan, but i think the dream stopped here. :(