The "^", "<" and "V" game

< likes learning languages, singing, reading, writting crappy stories, learning new things, wathin a TV show called QI, horse riding, yoga, meeting people from different walks of life so < can learn more about her world through fresh eyes, is laughing a hobby?, playing Tekken, and is currently doing keep fit ^^ < used to enjoy skateboarding and wasn't too bad for a girl :p but < is too scared of breaking a leg and having no money because she can't work. So < doesn't skate anymore and when < tries for old times' sake, < sucks. Tee hee. Oh spending way too much time on YOT is surely also a hobby of <.

As most people here speak more than one language, what was the funniest or most embarrassing mistake V (or someone v knows) ever made while speaking a foreign language? (please translate/explain it if it's not English).