The most noobish noob thread ever..

It amazes me how, after an hour in practice mode, once I get into arcade I am back to just thumping any old shite. I mean, what??

So, as some of you unfortunate souls who had to sit through it, already know, my adorable 10 year old niece came over last night and played Tekken with me. She unfortunately decided Lili was her character of choice (oh well, no body's perfect), but it was fun. To make it fair, she turned her health bar right up and I had mine at 40 and then eventually 60 (once she had learned the basics). It was actually really hard. I had to really try not to let her hit me because just a punch removed so much of my health bar!! So it was good practice.

I've decided that tonight, I'm gonna practice with just one move at a time. I mean, go into arcade and use mainly the same move over and over. This is just so I can get a feel for how close I have to be, when it misses, when (or if) it's blocked, that kind of stuff. Sure I could read all this stuff online but it would be meaningless to me. Just doing it, is really the only way it will stick in my head and become second nature.

By the way, thanks to everyone who's been helping me out, both here and in msn. I'll get there in the end ^^

Added 3 minutes later:

What does while rising 2 do btw? Just tried it but dunno if it worked. I did a swingy punch thing that sent the other dude flying. Is that right or have I pressed it wrong?