The most noobish noob thread ever..

Okay.. like I said, I can do two ten hit combos only though to be fair I mistyped 'ten' so how could you know ^^. But yeah, I can do them. Sidestepping.. I can but sometimes when I try to go left I jump instead. Don't quite have the 'touch' yet. In fact, I probably jump more than I sidestep. Rolling when on the floor, yeah.. rolling at othertimes, erm... didn't know yoshi could do that. I can do that silly thing where he 'donks' the oponent on the head with his sword and stabby death... and windmill things (is the back, back, part of these what you mean by backdash??). Erm... I can backflip. Oh there is too much to list. What would you consider 'difficult' someone mentioned that rising knee kick but is that hard?? Seems pretty straight forward to me...

I probably know most of the things one can do during flea and dragonfly too (I think).. Oh, besides turning to face my opponant after death copter, if that even counts.

What can't I do?? Well I don't know what the star means in the command list so I can't do anything with a star. I find moves that must be done while rising, quite hard to land. Rainbow drop.. can't do it. And soul possession.. give me a break ^^

There will of course be loads of tricks and stuff I don't know.