The most noobish noob thread ever..

@ Angelboy. You know, I haven't actually played against a human being yet. I was hoping to find someone kinda shite to humiliate first, before I myself am humiliated by the real players. So I need someone who isn't as good as me and unfortunately, most three year olds lack the concentration to get through 2 or more rounds. Instead, I have been doing something a little like your suggestion. I've been in practice mode while watching yoshi vids on youtube (some player called 'Tenshimitsu' have you heard of her? ;) ) and seeing if I can reproduce even SOME of those moves. It's kinda like my version of 'follow the leader'. Then I play in arcade and see if my fingers can remember.

@ vijay, understatement is a billion times better than exaggeration!!! Hehe, no seriously, I'm flattered that you fnd me amusing. I only just found my sense of humour again (was crumpled up at the back of my sock drawer.. where I keep the odd socks!). Nice to know it still works after all this time.

Real funniest person ever is surely this man...

This vid reminds me; One day, I MUST tell you about the 'pointless' phrases I learned in German that I will NEVER be able to get into a conversation.

(Hears the sirens of the 'off-topic police')... right erm.. so Yoshi then. Two more silly questions.

Been trying to remember that move where, erm.. yoshi goes through the opponent and makes an awesome spanking sound.. How do I do it? Think I have remembered everything I could do previously, besides this.

Also, besides not getting into one in the first place, is there ANYTHING one can do to escape once they're in a juggle? Or do we just have to roll with it and enjoy the ride?