The most noobish noob thread ever..


Sorry I didn't make it clear about only having DR. That's me all over: always a few years behind the trends!! Well, maybe not while I was living in Tokyo but that's only because Japan itself is 6 years in the future (I swear the plane goes through a black hole on the way there ^^).

Well, I'm sorta picking my way through the move list. I'm also starting to get an appreciation of which moves to use when they're crouching or on the floor.. and which can knock them out of the air. I even dodge and block a little now, -something I never used to do.

Still a lot of button bashing going on.. Filler between planned moves... failed moves and moments of general terror where I just lose it. But I can really see my game improving. Tiny improvements, invisible to the naked eye.. but my eyes aren't naked!! I even finished arcade for the first time ever! Was partly fluke and partly the realisation that just standing there in the line of fire while Jinpachi shoots a fireball, really isn't the smartest thing to be doing.

Thanks for all the advice and I shall be sure to return with another stupid question very soon. Watch this Jembru-shaped space!!!