The "^", "<" and "V" game

^ is surely just encouraging <'s long post habit with these long questions.. Hehe

< won't talk about the really sad things that have happened because <'s cognitive therapist won't approve!! LOL

< will however tell a bittersweet tale from her younger years that has always left a slight pang of regret...

In college, < had a best friend who was male. let's call him 'S' < and S were super-close and did everything together. He was really smart and had a clever and dry sense of humour. < loved S very much but it was never romantic feelings. One day though, < wondered if she might like him as more than a friend so sent him an email telling him of her feelings. No reply!!! So they continued as always and never dated. < had a female friend, lets call her 'C' who came to like this guy and so < introduced them. S and C soon became a couple and C asked the guy why he never replied to that email. His answer.. 'I swear, I never received such an email and if I had, I would surely have returned her feelings.'

Needless to say, this girl was furious and slowly but surely destroyed our friendship (S fell in love with her and would do anything to please her, even stop speaking to < :( ). < no longer hears from this wonderful man (who later had his heart broken by <'s 'friend') and often asks herself 'what if?'.

Happiest moment. Ooh.. too many to list. Joining YOT and making such amazing and lasting friendships, has certainly been a highlight. The happiness < felt when she first started chatting to YOTians, and visiting them offline, was off the scale!!! Also, every time < meets up with her friend, Nat, her happy-o-meter comes close to bursting ^^ (As Nat feels EXACTLY the same, we have been spending a lot of time together recently too!!!).

Writing long replies on YOT, also makes < happy.

Can v please tell us their favourite joke??